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Charlotte is an excellent city for bicyclists and offers many options for the bicycling community.  There are many options for bicycling in the Charlotte area including the Mecklenburg County greenway system.  An interesting section of the greenway system is the Lake Norman Bike Route which will ultimately provide a continuous circle around Lake Norman for bicycling.

The Charlotte Department of Transportation also has a ton of information about bicycling in Charlotte including information about the City Charlotte’s Bicycle Plan and a Charlotte Bicycling Guide.

If you are riding a bicycle in Charlotte, North Carolina, there are some specific laws that apply to bicyclists that can be found in the Charlotte Municpal Code.  For instance, it is unlawful to operate a bicycle on a sidewalk within certain parts of Charlotte known as the “congested business district.”  It is also unlawful to have any person ride on the handlebars of a bicycle.  Read more about the Charlotte Municpal Code and how it applys to bicycles.

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