Greensboro Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The City of Greensboro, North Carolina provides many excellent options for safe bicycle riding including trails and greenways.

Starting in 2007, Greensboro established a new bike route system based on recommendations in the 2006 BiPed Plan.  the new route system provides bicycle lanes, edgelines, greenways and low-volume streets that are most approrpiate for safe bicycling.  The City of Greensboro has available a map of the Greensboro bicycle route system.

The North Carolina bicycle accident lawyers at Hendren & Malone have helped bicycle accident victims all across North Carolina.  Bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries to a bicyclist.  In many cases, the bicyclist also has a claim for damage to a very expensive bicycle which is typically called “property damage” in the legal and insurance company world.  The lawyers at Hendren & Malone know how to help a victim recover fair compensation for their injuries and property damage.  Call us today if you have been the victim of a bicycle accident.

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