Raleigh Bicycle Accident Lawyer and Injury Lawyers

Raleigh has many excellent opportunities for bicyclists.  The City of Raleigh has an extensive Greenway system that provides a safe and secure setting for bicyclists particulary young bicyclists just learning to ride.  Read more on the Raleigh Greenway system.

In addition, pursuant to the Raleigh Municipal Code, there are several designated bicycle lanes around Raleigh including Ridge Road and Ashe Avenue.  The bicycle lanes are reserved for the use of bicycles and are six to seven feet wide.

There are also bicycle paths on several streets within Raleigh including Wade Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Rowan Street, Lassiter Mill Road, Avent Ferry Road, Falls of Neuse Road, and Rock Quarry Road.

A frequent issue within any municipality is whether is is lawful to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk.  While bicycles are considered vehicles by state law and Raleigh law, they are not motorized vehicles.  Section 11-2121 of the Raleigh Municipal Code addresses driving on sidewalks and states “The driver of a motorized vehicle shall not drive within any sidewalk except at a permanent or temporary driveway.”  In short, there does not appear to be any restriction regarding the use of a bicycle on a sidewalk within the City of Raleigh.

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