Bike Accident Expert Helps Win Case

An interesting article about how a bike accident expert can help win a case:

Asheville bike-accident expert helps win tough legal suitPosted by Jeff Fobes in News | 5 hours, 34 minutes ago

“To cover all bases, Bergenn retained James M. Green, of Asheville, N.C., author of “Bicycle Accident Reconstruction for the Forensic Engineer.” Green heads an engineering firm focusing on cycling accidents. ‘He knows everything that can go wrong with bikes,’ said Bergenn. ‘We had him in case we needed him,’” goes the story in Connecticut Law Tribune, entitled “Bike Crash Case Has Lessons For Reluctant Lawyers.”

It was bad enough that Peter Serratore sustained life-changing injuries in a bicycle accident six years ago. Complicating his problem was the fact that his mishap was caused by a highway defect.

“Most personal injury lawyers will simply not take this kind of case,” said Serratore’s attorney, Shipman & Goodwin’s James Bergenn.

Unlike other negligence cases, the state’s highway defect statute bars recovery unless the plaintiff can show the state-caused defect was the “sole proximate cause” of the accident. Such cases are widely viewed as futile. …

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