Cary, North Carolina Bicycle Lawyers

The Town of Cary, North Carolina provides many excellent opportunities for bicycle riders.

However, if you are riding a bicycle in Cary, NC, you should be aware of the laws that apply to bicycling in Cary.  The Town of Cary has passed several municipal code provisions that apply to riding a bicycle in Cary.

For instance, in Cary it is lawful to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk.  However, Section 34-250 requires that a bicyclist in Cary ride on a sidewalk only with caution and the bicyclist shall yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians.

Another interesting Cary bicycle law is that you cannot have anyone ride on your handlebars.  This Cary bicycle law can be found at Section 34-248.

Read more about the Cary code provisions that apply to bicycles.

If you or a family member have been injured in a Cary, North Carolina bicycle accident, call the Cary bicycle lawyers at Hendren & Malone for a free consultation.  We know the laws that apply to bicycles and can help you.

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